Discover the Seven Secrets of the Kaballah Code.

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In Seven Secrets – The Torah Code – I reveal divine secrets which were known only to a select few initiates.

Seven Secrets is a window into the mind of the Torah Writer. The first secret of secrets is how the Torah writer wove God’s names into the depths of the Torah. The deep text is filled with God’s living presence – His Glory – (Kavod) because God’s names reverberate in the book beneath the surface. God lives in the Torah.

Want to connect with the divine? Reading the Torah in Hebrew awakens God in the book and connects us to the divine.

~ James N. Schloner

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Proverbs 18:21 says: “Life and death are in the power of our tongue.” The Torah reminds us of the Ancients view of speech: Speech has the power and potency to create reality. First, God creates the universe thru his potent speech, ‘let there be light’ which calls matter into form.Read More

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Genesis contains two creation stories. The first story is the familiar six day creation where man is created on day six. God specifically creates man in His image. The text here talks about the resign and “heaven and earth”. The next creation story is completely different: it is from the perspective of “earth and heaven”.Read More

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The Covenants of Abraham secretly reveal the editors search for balance between male and female energy. A balance lost since the fall which broke the unity of YHVH Elohim. Abraham’s covenants alternate between male and female energy.Read More

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